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The Oranienburg Branch cultivates some 3,981 hectares of farmland. In our region, we focus on growing rapeseed, grains and potatoes.

Detlev Kaack, branch manager: The Oranienburg Branch cultivates some 3,981 hectares of farmland close to the German capital, Berlin. As the Branch and Regional Manager, I and my team of 38 farmers are responsible for cultivating this land as decentralised units. In our region, we focus on growing rapeseed, grains and potatoes, of which about 60 % is farmed organically.”

For me as the Branch Manager, the decentralised structure is a special challenge. On the other hand, I am lucky to benefit from the central services of the KTG Group provided at the administrative office in Oranienburg. We have short routes to decision-makers, operate our own workshop staffed with skilled workers and take advantage of the other benefits offered by the administrative office.

KTG Standortportrait Oranienburg

In Oranienburg, investments were made not only in administrative buildings but also in agricultural buildings, such as a 600 square metre multi-purpose storage facility, which was erected in 2012/13. Electricity for the entire branch is supplied, among other things, by a roof-mounted solar system with a capacity of almost 200 kWp.

The Oranienburg Branch is instrumental in driving new investments, which is a challenge and motivation at the same time. New technology which is at the development stage is often used on the fields managed by me. This allows me and my team to test the new machines in practice and give feedback to the manufacturers and developers. Oranienburg and the attached workshop are the ideal location for the use of new machines and prototypes for the entire KTG Group. In 2013, Oranienburg was the first company location where turnip leaves were gathered.

For this purpose, a special unit was attached to our harvester, which separately gathered the turnip leaves, which are normally chopped. The leaves were then supplied to the nearby biogas plant in Vehlefanz using our own means of transport. Due to the vicinity of the Oranienburg Branch to the biogas plant in Vehlefanz, we provide transport services for the LaTherm heat storage containers to KTG Energie AG. Heat is stored in the mobile containers and transported from Vehlefanz to Oranienburg using a special trailer. In Oranienburg, the special containers are integrated into the heat grid, where it supplies heat for our administrative offices and the attached workshop.

The Oranienburg Branch produces some 4,000 tones of conventional and organic rapeseed, among other things, which is directly delivered to our oil mill in Anklam, where it is processed into vegetable oil. The oil is then distributed to food retailers under our “Die Landwirte” brand.

It is good for us to see that the products we make are not only sold to wholesalers and large grain consumers and mills but are also processed directly within our Group. This allows me and colleagues to shop the product we make in the supermarket, even though it is not always available due to high demand.

Facts and figures

Location: Agricultural operations, workshop and administrative office

Cultivated area: 3,931 ha

Produced crops: Rye, wheat, barley, lupines, maize, potatoes, soybeans, rapeseed, sugar beets, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, asparagus

Employees: 38 (in the agricultural operations)

Special features:

  • Own workshop and service team
  • Administrative office
  • Own regional sale of asparagus and berries
KTG Standortportrait Oranienburg - Rene Hamms

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Organic and conventional farming of food crops is our core business.

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Biogas – energy of the future

Within the context of our integrated business model, we have operated biogas plants since 2006. The production of clean energy at 21 different sites ideally complements the cultivation of food crops.

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We supply natural food for more than a million people

From the field to the plate - a unique advantage: our cu‰ing-edge value chain.

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