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Besides agricultural production, Linthe also houses a state-of-the art storage and fresh produce processing facility.

In winter 2012 a potato storage facility for the KTG Group should be developed. At the time, a building on the southern Berlin Ring in Linthe had already been acquired for this purpose. Specialist firms were commissioned to develop a concept for the reconstruction, which started already in April 2013. The building shell was restored, and insulating dividing walls were installed.

The individual storage sections were insulated using special foam for the ceilings. And last but not least, substantial investments were made in potato sorting and processing equipment. Today, the Linthe facility cannot only store 12,000 tons of potatoes in over 6,450 specially made wooden boxes but also processes these potatoes.

Standortportrait Linthe - Kartoffelannahme

When the potatoes are delivered, they are already sorted roughly. After they has been stored and matured, they are sorted by size, brushed, washed, polished and dried, colour-sorted with the aid of a computer systems and then packaged in carry-fresh bags, mesh bags or in our proprietary innovative potato box. The latter is marketed through food retailers under the “Die Landwirte” brand. We can also process onions to the same quality standards.

At peak times, we handle up to 20 trucks with an individual carrying capacity of roughly 25 tons per day, which means we receive the products in a quality-preserving way, sort them manually, fill them into wooden boxes and store them in air-conditioned storage rooms.

Thanks to the good infrastructural location of the Linthe Branch, it houses not only a storage and processing facility. Meanwhile, most of the administrative functions of the “Die Landwirte” brand are also located here, which ensures that consumers can find our products in stores and that the best possible delivery rate is achieved in spite of strong demand from food retailers.

The innovative potato box developed by our team was the most photographed item at the Anuga food fair and we have received inquiries from all parts of the world.

Due to growing demand, we are now developing a special machine for fully automatic filling of the potato box in cooperation with a renowned manufacturer of packaging machines. This will result in considerable economies of scale compared to the present semi-automatic process and will allow us to respond even more quickly to food retailers’ demand.

Facts and figures

Location: Processing of fresh vegetables, storage and cultivation area

Storage area: 10,000 m2 of roofed and insulated hall area

Storage capacity: 12,000 t in 6,450 Boxen

Processing capacity: Simultaneous manual sorting by up to four categories; output: 25 t / h

Packaging options:

  • Clipped bags from 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg
  • Carry-fresh bags from 1.0 kg to 3.5 k
  • Sewn mesh bags from 2.5 kg to 25 kg
  • Potato/onion boxes
  • Big bags
  • Bulk truck loads of 27 t

Employees: 20

Business Segments


Organic and conventional farming of food crops is our core business.

KTG Agrar SE cultivates over 46.000 hectares of farmland for organic and conventional farming of food crops.

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Biogas – energy of the future

Within the context of our integrated business model, we have operated biogas plants since 2006. The production of clean energy at 21 different sites ideally complements the cultivation of food crops.

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We supply natural food for more than a million people

From the field to the plate - a unique advantage: our cu‰ing-edge value chain.

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