We farm
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Where we come from

Farming for over 20 years

Back in 1994, we started to grow organic produce on 300 hectares. Since then, the KTG Group has evolved step by step from an organic produce pioneer into one of Europe’s largest agricultural companies.


We have successfully built up new business segments such as conventional farming and biogas production and even extended our value chain into the food retail sector. Maximum quality and sustainability are integral elements of our corporate philosophy. And we have stayed true to our roots – the KTG Group stands for modern, innovative and, above all, sustainable farming.

Today, we cultivate over , hectares of land. Finding good farmland is becoming increasingly difficult. And often there is a lack of young farmers.  percent of the farmers are older than  years. KTG is a much sought-after partner, providing farmers with professional advice on succession planning and administrative aspects.


2014 Foundation of the KTG Foods SE and integration of all food brands under a single umbrella
Biogas production increases to 50 MW
Farming on more than 40,000 hectares
Frenzel Topmarke 2014
2013 Conversion to KTG Agrar SE
New Brand "Die Landwirte"
Acquisition of Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH
Biogas-capacity rises above 40 MWel
Farming on more than 39,000 hectares
2012 Farming on more than 35,000 hectares
IPO of KTG Energie AG
2011 Acquisition of Frenzel Tiefkühlkost
Biogas-capacity rises above 27 MWel
2010 Farming on more than 30,000 hectares
2009 Entry in the international farm management and crop trade
Biogas-capacity rises to 11 MW
2008 Cultivable land rises above 25,000 hectares
All ten biogas plants running on full-load (7MW)
2007 Successive launch of all ten biogas plants
2006 Establishment of ten biogas plants
2005 Beginning of renewable raw material cultivation for biomass
Market entry in Lithuania
2004 Transformation of the company into a corporation
2000 Foundation of KTG Agrar GmbH
1999 Market entry into conventional cultivation
1996 Beginning of organic cash crops business development
1994 First business activity in the eastern German federal states

Facts and figures

  • 20 years of experience in large-scale farming

  • A team of around 800 people

  • A pioneer and the largest producer of organic grain in the EU

  • First agricultural company to be listed on the German stock exchange

  • KTG Energie AG floated on the stock exchange in 2012

  • One of the largest producers of biogas in Europe

  • Marketing of own products and strong brands

  • Integrated business model ensures traceability of raw materials

Total area

Farmland growth in hectares

Business Segments


Organic and conventional farming of food crops is our core business.

KTG Agrar SE cultivates over 46.000 hectares of farmland for organic and conventional farming of food crops.

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Biogas – energy of the future

Within the context of our integrated business model, we have operated biogas plants since 2006. The production of clean energy at 21 different sites ideally complements the cultivation of food crops.

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We supply natural food for more than a million people

From the field to the plate - a unique advantage: our cu‰ing-edge value chain.

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