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Changing eating habits

Representative studies have revealed a new megatrend: Consumers want to know more about the origin and the producers of the food they eat.

Who can consumers trust in times of repeated food scandals? For most people, food is more than just the intake of nutrition; it is something personal, it is quality of life and, for many people, it has become a social experience again.

When it comes to food, consumers attach growing importance to taste and enjoyment, health, safety and sustainability. A study conducted by the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD) confirms the growing trend towards higher-quality foods in Germany, which has gained importance over the past years.

Ernährungsverhalten im Wandel

One of the reasons why more and more consumers buy regional products is the better traceability of their origin and the way they are produced. The many food scares of the past years have obviously led to a virtual boom in the consumption of regional products. This reflects the fact that regional origin and the proximity to the producer give consumers peace of mind and create trust. Moreover, regional products travel only short distances from the producer to the consumer, which means that they are fresher when they are consumed.

With its regional production capabilities, KTG has its finger right on the pulse – thanks to its own processing sites and a strong sales team. We can fully respond to the needs of quality-oriented consumers and guarantee quality “from the field to the plate”. This gives the KTG Group a unique selling point in the food retail business, as we are able to offer a wide range of good food products, for which we produce many of the raw materials ourselves and the quality of which we can transparently demonstrate “from the field to the plate”.

Who consumers trust when buying food

Regional and organic food: The search for trust
When it comes to the quality of food, consumers put the greatest trust in farmers already back in 2011.

Source: GfK Panel Services, Deutschland, 2011.

Business Segments


Organic and conventional farming of food crops is our core business.

KTG Agrar SE cultivates over 46.000 hectares of farmland for organic and conventional farming of food crops.

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Biogas – energy of the future

Within the context of our integrated business model, we have operated biogas plants since 2006. The production of clean energy at 21 different sites ideally complements the cultivation of food crops.

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We supply natural food for more than a million people

From the field to the plate - a unique advantage: our cu‰ing-edge value chain.

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